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Hi, I'm Ken Jelinek with REMAX of Eagle River in Eagle River, Alaska.

Are you a First Time Home Seller?  How about a First Time Home Buyer?  Do you find yourself downsizing or rightsizing? Or, maybe you're interested in  Investing in rental properties?  Why not pick a time and have a powwow and see if we can work together? I bring to the table a unique and creative, yet comprehensive, combination of education, business background, real estate training, knowledge of the local market, and depth of experience to your service. All you have to bring is an idea of what you're trying to accomplish. Together, I just KNOW we can make some great things happen! Call me, let's do this!



With my website here, you can view ALL of the homes on the market in ALL of Anchorage
and the surrounding areas, including the Wasilla, Palmer, and the Mat Valley. With
you can find virtually ALL of the homes on the market everywhere in the USA! Even if you
find a home that is For Sale By 
Owner, call me anyway. I can I assist you in seeing the inside of the home,
reviewing a market analysis, comparison pricing, tax assessed values, and all the required paperwork
in making and negotiating any offers.

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How long have you worked in Real Estate? How long have you worked in the area?
I was licensed in 1994. The first three years were spent in property management. I joined REMAX Properties in 1997. In 2013 REMAX “merged” with another local brokerage and became REMAX Dynamic Properties. I've been with REMAX of Eagle River, which is a suburb of Anchorage, since October of 2015.

Have you received any awards for excellence?
I have received plenty of recognition for my production, achievements, and commitment to excellence and creativity over the years, but I stopped keeping track of all that. Instead, I try to focus on recognizing others for their achievements and accomplishments.

Do you work for any kind of local charities or nonprofits in your community?

I do not work with any particular charities or nonprofits other than contributions to Providence Hospital's Children's Miracle Network. Again, I enjoy committing Secret Random Acts of Kindness as I go about my daily routines.

When you look at your real estate career, is there a moment you are most proud of? Tell us about it.

That would have to be one of the first and one of the largest transactions I've ever closed. Buyers and sellers were several thousand dollars apart. I was fortunate enough to think on my feet and suggest a compromise that worked well for everyone. It was very satisfying that early in my real estate career.

Where did you go to school/college?

I attended a junior college before transferring to Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, WA where I earned my BA in Economics with a Minor in Business Administration.

Did you serve our country in any capacity? Where were you stationed?

I was in Air Force R.O.T.C. During my first two years of college but decided against going any further after that. A lot of my decision had to do with growing up in a military family and feeling like I had served, even though I had not.

Do you have any children? What is your favorite way to spend time with them?

I do not have any children, or pets, or even a lot of plants at this time. However, I've gone through many “seasons” of all three over the years.

Can you provide a few words to describe your work ethic?
I'm committed to being present and giving 100% of my attention to getting whatever job done that needs to be done. Time is relatively irrelevant when I'm working. When it's time to work, I'm working.

What are your favorite pastimes or hobbies? (It would be best to be specific about your area)

Sailing has been one of my passions since I was 11 years old but over the years, I've enjoyed many outdoor activities - SCUBA, Sky Diving, Hiking, Mountain Climbing, Camping, Fishing. I also ran the Mayor's Marathon in Anchorage, AK when I was 23 - it was my best time ever – 3:31. These days, developing multiple streams of income, living a “health-freak-ish” lifestyle, nurturing a “Metaphysical/Christian” existence of sorts, mentoring younger people, and getting my “message” out there occupies most of my time.

BONUS: What is one inspirational quote that speaks to you?

“Be careful what you ask for because 'you're going to get it'” ~JOAQUIN


“I'd like you to meet Kacie, she's my “be careful what you ask for”. ~JOAQUIN

Position: Agent/Licensee
Phone: 907-694-4292
Cell: 907-441-9505